Have you suffered sexual harassment at work? Or do you know someone who has? Find help here. Explain the situation and ask any questions you may have. You do not have to provide names. A professional team of counsellors will reply within three working days. All inquiries are treated confidentially.

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You are not sure whether you have been subject to sexual harassment? You think you may have acted wrongly? Perhaps you fear negative consequences if you defend yourself? You don’t know who to turn to?

A lot of women and men who have suffered sexual harassment have the same doubts. It helps to talk to competent experts about what you have been through and to get external advice.

Contact us now. The team of counsellors will answer your questions confidentially and competently.


Sexual harassment at work is illegal, you are entitled to defend yourself. Take your feelings and your sensations seriously. Don’t wait until the harassment stops on its own. The reverse is often the case and the harassment gets worse if you don’t react. Act now and get advice and support from an expert in due time. For example, here via the online contact form.